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Amazing deer spotting at Parque Chingaza


The white-tailed deer population in Chingaza is high, as most sightings occur by the road and surroundings of the Monteredondo sector. This has been happening for about 15 years, and it is because the park facilities and the water utility company are located there.  During the hike we travel along the short Suasie path, where silence is given a leading role. Observation is passive and at no time are the animals disturbed or affected.

Deer spotting is possible on the regulated trails of the Chingaza natural park. During the tour, the beautiful mountain landscapes with rugged peaks and frailejones (type of Espeletia) fields stand out.  We will visit the Monteredondo sector (administrative headquarters of the park) and the Suasie trail within the heart of the nature reserve.        The conservation programs of the last decade have enabled the re-population of white-tailed deer, allowing us to currently appreciate them in their natural habitat. With some luck we hope to be able to observe the mountain bear, whose traces are also present in the park’s paths.

The cost includes transportation to and from Bogotá and a tour guide. It does not include park admission fee (each hiker pays the fee at the park): Colombians $14,500, Foreigners $42,000, and children and students $9,000 pesos.

· During these fauna observation tours SILENCE is a priority.

• Animals should not be fed or engaged.

• You must always follow the guide’s and the national park’s instructions.

• Caminantes del Retorno works with local communities that provide tourist services to promote conservation programs.

• As is to be expected, in nature we CANNOT ensure the observation of the fauna. We can state that in the last 15 hikes this has been possible.

• Registration Period: Thursday before departure

Chingaza Natural National Park is located 35 Km east of Bogotá between the Cundinamarca and Meta departments. It has an extension of 53,385 hectares and heights from 2,800 up to 4,050 meters above sea level. It is part of La Calera, Junín, Fómeque, Guasca, Gachetá, Medina, and the Calvario and San Juanito municipalities. It preserves páramo (alpine tundra), lagoons, mountain forests and wetland ecosystems.


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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

3,500 MASL
5 ºC
Andean region
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